Our Software Suite

Supplier Dashboard

A one stop dashboard for suppliers to
manage inventories,
receive orders,
handle payment and
plan deliveries

The dashboard will reduce the pain of running a food supply business. there will no longer be a need to manage all your orders through WhatsApp, phone calls or even fax machine!

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Transport Management System

Imagine a world where you have full visibility of your deliveries, showing your drivers are at in real time and the status of fulfilment for each customers. TreeDots Transport Management System brings that vision to life. Not only that, if you outsource your deliveries to TreeDots logistics - TreeLogs, you can still have the same visibility as though you are managing your own deliveries yourself.

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Group Buy Platform

Want to sell directly to end consumer but you are afraid of the commitment and resources required?

you can engage with our group buy service where you can now sell your products to a bigger community without disrupting your operations.

TreeDots handle the customer service, logistics and sales of products. All you need is to provide us with the items that you want to sell at a great price and voila - the door to consumer market will be open for you.

We have our own Group Buy Application that allows consumers to buy these products from our platform in a group buy method.

We also have our own Seller Center Application that allows host in our community to manage the deliveries

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