Guaranteed fresh chickens that you can afford


Credits: William Moreland @lesswaterco

What’s fresh? It sure isn’t any secret that anything fresh is good for you, but just as any other thrifty Singaporean, we often fear the price tags fresh products usually bring along with it when compared to their frozen counterparts. After all, a chicken is just chicken be it in a frozen block or a fresh slab of meat. One thing that many are not aware of is that here at TreeDots, we can give you prices of FRESH chickens just as low as those icy poultry.


1. Affordable Fresh Chickens

How can we possibly give you such low prices? Due to suppliers having to meet a steady supply, they make use of machines to expedite the processes which result in tonnes of broken bones, bruised chickens. Many of which will not find themselves on shelves, bypassing the plates into bins. Yet, they have perfectly tender meat locked inside this ‘ugly’ facade. The fresh chickens we have here would not pinch at your wallets, and are most definitely a great snatch!


2. Glazing

What is glazing you may ask? Essentially, glazing = ice. (= extra weight)

Did you know that the weight of the frozen chicken you are purchasing is inclusive of this glazing. This means that the expected weight loss after thawing the item will be close to 30%

… hence a pack of 10kg chicken melts into 7kg…

If you are the kind of person that likes to get the best deal out of what you are paying for, I am sure you wouldn’t want to be short-changed.


3. Better Taste

As Gordon Ramsay claims, [he] can taste the difference between fresh and raw. For those who are more particular with the taste of their chickens, often the fresh chicken will have a juicier bite as compared to its frozen counterparts. Why is this so?

Simple biology knowledge tell us that freezing causes the liquid content within the product to expand and burst cells. This leads to a loss of moisture after thawing, leaving behind a stringy texture. So if you would like to have some of that tender, delectable chicken wing blessing your palettes, give fresh chickens a shot!

Some people might argue that they had froze their fresh chickens before and it still tastes delectable. Well, let’s just say Singapore’s frozen chickens mainly come from South American regions and it takes around 45 days to ship it here – safety is definitely not an issue since it is frozen, but we are not that sure if it will still taste the same!


4. The Environment

Finally, purchasing from the TreeDots will be your vote of confidence for the environment. On average, close to 5000 chickens are thrown away DAILY as they simply do not reach the high standards of businesses. Unfortunately, this is just a conservative number. There is simply too much wastage!

(imagine the 40 000 plates of chicken rice that could have been whipped up)

Refering to this earlier post, Nicholas tells us more of this wastage and how our efforts here at TreeDots are attempting to reduce this problem.

By purchasing these fresh chickens from us, you will be doing your part to prevent these (slightly injured, slightly off-sized) imperfect yet perfectly fine on the plate, fresh chickens from landing in the bin.  


With these perks, what are you waiting for. Give us a shout here if you would like to find out more about how we can move some products together!